IHG discount reward nights all over globe

IHG moved to reward night dynamic pricing. While many comments I have read on other blogs lament an IHG devaluation, my reaction is to lament my inability to travel to many places where I see fantastic hotel deals available for booking discount reward nights over the next year. Generally speaking, I do not find IHG…

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‘When has arrived’ – impact of Covid-19 in hotel data

I flew out of London Heathrow on February 22, the day it was becoming clear there was a serious coronavirus epidemic accelerating through northern Italy. A week later the spread of Covid-19 through Europe and growing concern for outbreaks in Washington and California indicated a pandemic was happening. Multinational companies started shutting down travel. The…

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Trump’s European countries travel ban for 30 days, UK/Ireland exempt despite 29% infection increase in past day

President Trump announced a travel ban lasting for 30 days beginning 11:59pm Eastern, Friday March 13 of foreign nationals who have been in any European Schengen-zone country in the preceding 14 days before entry into the United States. For purposes of this proclamation, the Schengen Area comprises 26 European states: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark,…

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